Monday, 12 December 2016

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Hey writers, artists, jammers, malcontents,
Post Truth, issue No. #129, is out there now . . . check it out . . . get fired up!
Next up we’re doing a fliperoony issue with ALT-RIGHT marching in triumphantly from the front . . . then you flip the magazine over and ALT-LEFT marches in, not quite so triumphantly, from the back . . . then with myriad epiphanies and provocations along the way, we engineer an almighty clash of political narratives in the middle.
Help us make this monumental geopolitical clash come alive!
Send us your thoughts on why hard-right populism is surging everywhere, while we on the left are getting beaten up . . . and your ideas on how we can zero in on the metamemes that count, shift the global mood back in our favor and win the future!
Send anecdotes, gripes, jibes, rants, manifestos, poetry, illustrations, photography – fresh new ways to think about the emerging world order.
Keep it intimate, visceral and real.
Send to or before December 25.
And we’ll see you around the corner,
for the wild,
— Eds

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From here at Adbusters.

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