Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pop Up Repair: an itinerant repair service in the US for household items of all kinds

Launched in 2013 by a group of backstage theatre artists, we believe that the practices of working by hand and of stewardship have great value as our society searches for a sustainable model of consumption.

We began by operating small repair shops in New York neighborhoods: in storefronts, at farmer’s markets, with partner businesses and organizations. Our shops have sparked an enormous response from our customers, from the communities we reach, and in the press. We have learned that people are hungry for repair services, eager to re-think the way we buy and spend, and willing to spend their money to hold on to the things they already have.

Re-invigorating repair in our economy will help us rethink the way we design, manufacture, shop, use and discard. Repair creates a connection between what we own and what we value.

Repair is local. Repair is sustainable. Repair is necessary.


Like it. Pop Up Repair.

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