Monday, 16 November 2015

Goonhilly Village Green – Nikon FM2, Ilford 35mm

Some results from my old Nikon FM2 film camera at the Goonhilly Village Green event that Artur Tixiliski and I covered a few weeks ago. Enjoying the feel of film again. These haven't seen Photoshop yet, so no tweaking with contrast etc. Feels somehow like they are what they are and that's okay. Film eh? No wonder so many people are going on about it again. A wonderful flavour to the image. Interesting to see how many photographers are using it now - some using it solely. Nicely ironic that I'm hearing about most of these through Instagram but there you go, it's all good I guess. About time I dug out some old prints and–at last–trawl through that big box of 35mm transparencies that need scanning..


  1. Thanks Oli, I'm going to take this as a positive reaction... Aries eh, don''t we just love 'em?