Friday, 12 July 2013

Oh yes: Oliver Udy

Snap of Oli Udy i took yesterday in the Peninsula Art Gallery in Plymouth.. rocking the flip flops and looking very relaxed about sharing a major exhibition with the late great James Ravilious. Reflecting the Rural is a lovely show, well worth seeing. I mean, how can you beat a 5m x 3m image of a family of beekeepers? Oli has collaborated with Colin Robins in using portraiture to look at a cross section of lives in the rural south west, hence now sharing a show with Ravilious, who is synonymous with that subject matter. The show is on to the end of August.

Somehow Oli continually seems to be doing three projects at once, and, not only that, he is always encouraging, facilitating and celebrating others work too.. students, colleagues, friends, doesn't matter. Quite a fella to have around. All power to whatever he gets up to next.

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