Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Snagged by some thread we would have a hard time naming

An article by myself and Dr. Caitlin DeSilvey is to be published in the esteemed The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Contemporary World. We've just okayed the proofs. As ever, some fine writing by Caitlin. Hopefully it will be available on-line in some form soon so I can post up a link. It's essentially about our first visit to the Cobblers near Falmouth that would end up being the first of our 20 establishments we'd look at. Oddly moving for us to read back on the initial steps of what would become our Celebration of Repair project (the same project that was initially called Small is Beautiful).

Here's a snatch from the essay:

'Here was an invitation, but to do what, exactly? The place seemed to be asking for some recognition, some attention to its physical presence and its compacted material history. In this first encounter all three of us were hooked—snagged by some thread we would have had a hard time naming. The invitation came, in this case, not only from Myrna but from something in the place itself. Our attraction was partly aesthetic—a response to textures and patterns, the quality of light on the worn objects—but it was heightened by the knowledge that what were seeing was transitory, the objects poised in limbo before their eventual dispersal.'

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