Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ways forward

While I've been in another world there seems to have been some good things happening in the real one. Michael Gove declaring the abandonment of his plans to replace GCSEs with the EBacc; MEPs have backed plans by the Commission to end the practice of fish discards - worth watching the first few minutes of this; Cumbria County Council throwing out plans for a giant radioactive waste dump near the Lake District; and closer to home, the European commission has launched the first stage of a formal investigation into the use of taxpayer subsidies to support the development of nuclear power in the UK.

This means Hinkley Point could be delayed by up to two years. It's not as good as it being scrapped of course, but as we know these delays can lead to other delays. And as time goes on it, it seems to me, that it is becoming increasingly obvious to more and more people that NP is not the way forward. Even my Dad.

As George Mombio recently put it in a recent article, in terms of nuclear power, the past is a mess, the future a thicket. As a well-respected environmentalist but infamous advocate of nuclear power expansion, it makes this piece of his all the more interesting to read.

postscript: further info on the 'clean-up' process here.

Photograph: Martin Argles. The decommissioned control room at Hinkley Point A power station in somerset.

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