Friday, 1 February 2013

Spring Glean II

1.   one day i'll get round to photographing musicians and their expressions.. here's something sent to me from my friend Bahar.. there's a moment around 5.08.. phew.
2.   drawing by friend Dean Owens. And he said he'd give me the original!
3.   a great photo of a hare  (Lepus europaeus) i saw in a hospital corridor, don't know who by. Just look at those eyes.. what creatures. Was amazed and disappointed when staying in Stockholm over the summer to find that they're two-a-penny in the city.
4.   out of my Totnes window one day a while back. That town.. special. Really.
5.   tip for Dean
6.   beautiful still from a film by friend Becalelis brodskis.
7.   a dolphin or a swift? what a wonderful choice.. reminds me i've got to make the 'Wake Up Mr Swift!' book soon..

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