Monday, 22 October 2012

SiB book ideas_Smaller, leaner, but alone

Trying to work out how to make some books from the material we have gathered.. in this little layout of the Bath Typewriter repair man I'm starting to get a feel for the more pared down collection. I was thinking that 20 separate books would be best, one for each location. Less images than I had on the website more emphasis on some particular shots. Each with their own cover, they'd be thin booklets, all to fit into a slipcase.

But I think I've already established the cost would be too high plus to have them be separate would not be the strongest way of presenting the project. They need to travel as a family unit, and are better for it. So, it looks like it's one big book.. but maybe still with these 'half pages' containing the text, on a different stock, at the start of each 20 sections/sites.

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