Monday, 1 October 2012

Crispin Aubrey 1946–2012

This weekend I was told the awful news that Crispin Aubrey –veteran anti-nuclear campaigner, wonderful writer, father of three extraordinary girls, and all round special fella–  has died. Of all the people in my life who have had an influence on me, he is right up there. In that late teens/early twenties period, when influences are so keenly felt, and most examples up ahead seem dreary and obvious, I had Crispin and family to show me another way of thinking, of living, of dancing(!), and of working.

The photos above come from when he was arrested for essentially uncovering Government corruption. I like the fact these two images show the smart and casual Crispin. I always admired the way he was able to be professional, and be an influential, internationally-renowned writer, and at the same time you always felt that he might nip out and deliver a lamb in the barn of their amazing farm in the Quantock Hills.

When I look back on that period I remember feeling part of something very special, and important, and to go out with his amazing daughter, and be introduced into their world, felt magic. It felt unfamiliar and a little daunting. And I absolutely loved it. I can still feel those feelings twenty years on.

He really has, since then, reminded me of what I should be doing.. what I could be doing. How you could live your life differently and still have it be a life well lived. Just the other day he emailed to remind us all to go the Hinkley Point demo this weekend. I was probably going. Now I am definitely going.

I am so happy and proud to have been part of his and his families life over the past 20 years. I'll do more than never forget Crispin; I will simply always have his thoughts, his impish smile, and the different world he showed me, as cornerstones. As reference points. As guides. And I'm really really bloody glad about that.

The Guardian have published an obituary for Crispin here.

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