Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wrong tool for the right tools

So a visit to Erja Huovila, the lovely village paper maker, book binder and Japan enthusiast. Didn't want to photograph her 'at work', or do anything too similar to the Small is Beautiful material, so thought I'd photograph some of her most important tools.. Took them outside, tried to find even light, placed them on a layout pad, attempted some sort of consistency on a cloudy day..

Here's some rough montages.. one with text thrown in, see what would happen. Starting points, yes, but do not suggest anything as simple, quick or sexy as the single image pairings as shown in the last post. Then again, maybe this idea - when worked with a bit - could provide interesting info and a more coherent, broad, original take on things?

But already can tell - obvious now - that I'm using the wrong tools. if I want to do shots like this I need to do them in the studio, or at the very least have one of those mini portable studio igloo's malarkeys. The paper creases, as paper would, and the lighting is muddy and inconsistent. I could get into Photoshop and cut round them, put them on a different background, and I'll probably do that. But need to think about my methods. And what I want to do with the images once I've got them.

Blacksmith up next maybe: dirty, heavy, big tools - tricky.

Note: Korven klaanin = "Forest's clan's"

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