Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sarvisalo: the sweet sea

Girls from Bath eh?

My travelling companion on this Nordic venture, LR, hails from Bath. Her old friend from the city, Elizabeth Neilson, currently works for the Zabludowicz Collection, who, amoungst many other things, run an artists residency programme on an island off the southern Finnish coast, Sarvisalo, an hour or so east of Helsinki. It's quite a place. Apart from the art, I was rather taken by the fact that the 'sea', so sheltered as it is by the many islands dotted around, seems a lot more like a lake. The sweet sea someone called it.

Seems appropriate to make an 'arty' post from our short time there, with some shots of LR lounging - not dying, thankfully - and her lovely leather handbag, which is made by a company called Mimi, that was started by none other than one of their Bath school friends from back in the day.

Sea, lake, bath? Funny how it goes.

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