Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Small things big things small decisions big decisions

Got my Canon IXUS 130 that I carry around everywhere that these here were taken on.. and there's the Canon 5D MKII that the previous few montages - or group hugs as I like to call them -  were taken on. Think I should get back into the habit of carrying the big one around; it's been feeling really good to have it in the hand and there's not surprisingly something about the clarity and intensity of the images it creates.

Other small/big/effecting things: a gap between the images or not? A big border or full bleed? Seems a small decision – is of course, as you know, huge. Think I am happily obsessed with how images work together and how they want to fit or not fit. Guess I would be. But maybe it's something that not all photographers are, when it's more about the single image? With me, I think it's more about the collections, the gatherings, and the potential group hugs, always has been. Good to be clear to myself about these things! Though writing it I realise it's not always a hug, of course, sometimes it's about a tension and an attraction, but which is certainly not necessarily a hug.

Note to self: stop being tempted to call everything by a silly name!

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