Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Small is Beautiful, small is long, time is short

Small might be beautiful but it's also fairly long! Blimey, websites eh? Especially when there's a few people involved, there's not much time to dedicate to it, and you're putting together elements that were designed for different purposes - in this case a blog and a printed book. Luckily I had my friend Rich to help me.

There's still a few tweaks to do - like number the 'pages' so you know how many you've got to scroll through, and to say something like 'click on the thumbnails to see more' when you're on the Sites and Stories page, and the Furthering section - but it's pretty much there I think..

So, if you've time, go to our small and beautiful place in the aether and please have a look around. Any comments would be appreciated - and be totally honest, we can take it. I'd really like this to be a very easy to use website 'cause hopefully there might be a lot of not-so-frequent web users coming to visit.


  1. Agreed, a lovely, lovely thing with a really tender regard for it's subject. Clicking through the images feels a little similar to the feelings you as a team must have had. Text and images are wonderful partners, love the long format photos mirroring the column of type

    Only thing I can think of is, would be wonderful if possible to include a google map link or contact details for those who are still in business. Feels a shame to miss out on the chance

    But most of all, congratulations!

  2. Yes, of course John, you are so right. I had that written down somewhere ages ago, but it's clear slipped my mind, worrying far too much about the style, not enough about the usefulness! Many thanks for the nod on that. I shall try and work out something with Rich.. embedding Google map things is, I understand, not that tricky. We'd want to keep the same aesthetic though wouldn't we I guess? Perhaps we could do an image of a 'nice' map, then when you click it, you're taken to Google Maps? And thanks for all your help, encouragement and interest throughout the project John. You'd have loved to have seen some of these places I know. As you'd like to see the one I'm currently at, I dare say. You off to Norway soon? Perhaps you might want to consider a long train ride (+ 12 hour boat ride) across Scandinavia to see us?!