Friday, 3 August 2012

Rakastan Fiskarsia!

I love Fiskars!

Most of the things we sold in our old family business Thompson Brothers Ironmongers were amongst the best of their kind. It's where I first heard of Fiskars as they made the scissors that we sold. The customer often exclaimed they were quite expensive, but after trying them out usually bought them. And I can't remember anybody coming back for a refund or repair.

So now I am so very excited to be in a house which not only has Fiskars scissors but knives, snow shovels, this lovely cheese slice. And that house being in none-other-than Fiskari, just west of Helsinki in Finland.

We have arrived. Our time as Fiskars Village Artists in Residence has begun. Only day two and it's already of the highest quality..

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  1. Excellent news Steve. Keep us posted whilst you're away...