Monday, 20 August 2012

Fiskars Book 4_Every tree is right

Probably trying to do too many things at once here. So it felt right that the fourth book should be about trees themselves, no trades or tools included. I haven't been deep into any forest yet, but the Sylvan pictures were growing. Think by the end of my time here, I may have some shots to replace the ones here, but I just wanted to make something at this point and see what happened.

The big question is probably the graphic element. Not sure it is entirely friends with the full bleed photographic format. Quite pleased with the info graphics on the first page - makes sense hopefully. But the eight green lines, that in some way suggest the 80% of forest coverage, look a little bulky and rude on the pages now. Looked better in InDesign.  Perhaps a more subtle use of graphics would work better, or, of course, none at all. But wanted to do something different for this edition, and as long as the size stays the same, still think it will fit into the series nicely.

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