Monday, 13 August 2012

Fiskars Book 2: The on-going Korven klaanin Series

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Another go at a rough book.. not bad, not sure about the penultimate spread.. and the name is not quite there yet. But the design look is shaping up and I think I'll go back to the now-deemed Book 1 and tweak it to suit.. full-bleeds on the front and a consistent type thing in the top right hand corner for a start.

Do fancy adding short essays/maps at some point so enjoying compiling material that can be slotted in at a later date.

We think it might be nice to do a series of books - say 5? - which would all link but be able to live separately from each other. Good way of trying out different spreads etc without being too precious about it.

Perhaps all a bit like the recent Small is Beautiful books

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