Monday, 27 August 2012

Ekenäs_light, dark, land, sea, sun, rain

The slideshow, an esteemed tradition! Just experimenting whether this is a better way to show a collection of images rather than many on the one post.. doesn't make much difference, does it, and going to Picasa seems a bit clumsy.. Anyway, a trip to Ekenäs yesterday, where the land meets the sea, and then forgets, and becomes land again. Like a lot of the South Finnish coast.

Virgin deciduous and Coniferous forests, back-to-back so to speak, quite odd it felt. So there was a mixture of keeping it dark–and I love the ones of the broadleaved areas with just enough light to make things out– and blowing it open, as the ones with the Rowan tree on the right, and the portrait one of 'Finland's oldest Elm' (didn't look very tall for that, compared to the ones that have survived in UK).

There's quite a few that are essentially of the same vista, but wanted to put them all up and then we can edit more comprehensively. And got ourselves another proud singleton it seems: the one with the wish bone trunk on the left (first one of show). Something about it so complete. Now need to see whether they can be assimilated into the existing books, or whether something else will happen with these..

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