Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fiskars Book 3_Comes from the wheel

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Based around the wonderful Riitta Talonpoika, ceramicist..another prototype book. something to do with her and the earth .. that clay comes from the ground and will return to the ground.. and where is the ground? always not sure about that, nice thing to explore, taps into the GROUND Project (ahem).

The nature of it all going round, what's up is down, above as below, us and it, not want thing more important than the other but both just flip-sides of each other – hence the turn-over book, something that of course ISSUU can't show, which is kinda good in a way, isn't it – the cycle of life, the wheel of life..the potters wheel.. all part of the big big wheel.. I'm spending too much time in the woods..

Technically, I think arranging the tool shots like that is a way round not being able to make them 'studio perfect'.. but I'm not sure it (and the eventual clay swatches panel) works in the middle spread.. perhaps too much of an crude interruption?

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  1. this is looking very good Mr Bond.