Monday, 28 May 2012

Oh Yes: Esbjörn Svensson Trio + Cerys Matthews + Marie Colvin

Heard Cerys Matthews recite a poem over this piece of music by Esbjörn Svensson Trio on her radio show. (Evidently she had read it out the day before at journalist Marie Colvin's funeral. Would never have put that bunch together.) It was a stop-what-you're-doing-and-listen-to-the-radio affair. Absolutely beautiful.

There's a video of them performing it live here back in 2006. Goes without saying it's worth watching all the way through, but the last few seconds really are incredible. Looks hard work being so soft, eh.

The whole thing is made even more poignant by finding out that Esbjörn Svensson himself, he of the great faces in this video, died of a scuba diving accident in 2008.

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