Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Makers, Menders & Materials - IFAS gallery

Clearly I'm biased, but the SiB boat did seem to have had some magic in it's sails..

So, I was charged with doing the artists statement/intro panel for the gallery space. An A1 size print was the idea, mounted on foamboard, usual stuff.. stuck to the wall as you come in the gallery. And yet. As I was doing the captions they became smaller and I found myself putting them in wooden frames, and the intro panel really shrunk, becoming no bigger than a postcard. It seemed apt. And I had a frame in mind that seemed suitable. So, that's what you see on the left of the top photo.

What you see on the right of that photo is Caitlin, aged two, with tool belt on, setting out to mend something with her Auntie in a New York City tenement apartment. Caitlin had bought her framed snap as it informed her talk that she'd be doing at the symposium, and it was one of her favourites. (I didn't know what the talk would be about, but funnily enough it featured my dad - see last photo)

What with the acronym SiB lending itself to the word sibling, we've named all the series likewise: Brothers & Sisters etc. and the whole project has had these familial feelings, like an old family coming together again and a new family being formed.

And here, to sum all that up nicely, were these frame-cousins, the Pacific Ocean unable to provide an obstacle for their coming together. If they were exactly the same it wouldn't be so good, but they're very similar but distinctly different. They're both small. And they're both beautiful. Amen!

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