Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Makers, Menders & Materials - Reed Hall

So the exhibition/symposium Makers, Menders and Materials was the culmination of our Small is Beautiful project (though there is now talk of another show in Cornwall sometime in the Summer).

My images were in two areas of the Exeter University campus: Reed Hall, a plush old rambling house, and the Institute for Arabic Studies, a brand new building. For the symposium we split our time between the two, with workshops on the Friday in Reed Hall and a more public view in the IFAS gallery on the Saturday. All of the shop keepers we featured in the project were invited for the Saturday and lots came, some with family and colleagues in tow. Splendid to have them all together in one place.

Putting Gordon Webster (cycle mechanic) and Bill Collett (type writer repair man) in big swept gold picture frames in this swanky old place, at the top of a sweeping stair case - that was excellent. And the Damaged Dancer looked pretty good in the Upper Lounge room, which is where we did most of our talking. Seeing Bill and Gordy mingling with all the other guests with their painterly and distinguished presence on the wall behind them.. a feeling to be treasured, for sure.

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