Friday, 2 March 2012

New Clear Blast

A new adventure is afoot. Been busy finishing off the purple book - which ended up a nicer blue thankfully - and getting matters ready for the SiB show in April when we culminate in a 2 day workshop/exhibition.

But there's been a call out from Stop Hinkley for a demo at the power station next Saturday and I'm alight! Chances are surely high that there'll be a raggle-taggle bunch of us, who make a line 53 yards long, as opposed to the aim of circling the plant, which is probably about a mile! But hey ho, guess turning up is the only thing to do that's definitely a good start. Jonathon Porritt and Caroline Lucas coming along evidently. So, it's all hands on deck now to try and make this a worthy demo. Nuclear power? No thanks! Better designed protest websites/press material? Increased amount of well-dressed protesters? Yes please!

 Here's an interesting radio programme on nuclear energy from the World Service to start things going.

Photograph by Steven Bond © 2012 [but taken back in the day. Nice to dig it out]

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