Friday, 9 March 2012

Do I need an argument?

Just mulling over the facts and figures to do with tomorrows demo at Hinkley Point. Mombiot banging on again (on BBC Newsnight this time) about how nuclear power must be part of the green agenda. Lots of people spouting lots of statistics and arguing over how we are going to keep 'the lights on'. This is what it's going to be like tomorrow. But does anyone ask the builders EDF what their reasons are? I guess there's no need cause it's unashamedly financial. Obviously they are trying to make money - it's their sole reason in fact. Understandable; business is business.

Well, if that's okay, if it's okay to pursue building a gigantic kettle which creates energy and some jobs but also as a by-product poison that we have to look after for at least 20,000 years, and, if the kettle goes wrong in some way, could create a disaster the like of which would have people all over the world gasping in horror- well, I'm saying it's not okay. I don't want them to do it. Not in my name.

I'm going to try and not spout figures about how UK taxpayers currently subsidise nuclear directly to the tune of more than £1bn per year (1), or that over its lifecycle a nuclear power station produces as much carbon dioxide as a gas-fired power station.[11 Or that the 2003 Energy White Paper said one of the reasons why the then government wasn’t proposing new nuclear was because there were “important issues of nuclear waste to be resolved”. Have they been? No.

How about just that 'this is obviously not the way forward'? That should do in a way, shouldn't it? 'I don't really know much about this topic, I can't get involved'. Argh! What do you need to know? Does it seem like a good idea to make a kettle that lets off lots of steam to power our ridiculously decadent, destructive, unsustainable lifestyles but also generates lots and lots of really poisonous stuff that didn't exist before you built this kettle? Does it feel like a good idea? Come on! 'Keep the lights on?' Do we need them all on?!

Big companies can't just come into communities and build giant kettles that will require huge lorries trundling up and down the road to the site at a rate of 1 ever 16 mins for years. Well, not without at least 24 people (you never know, could be more!) turning up and saying no thanks - however gestural, however ramshackled, however unheard - we will say no thanks.

The above image is a snap I took whilst whizzing past of the mystery road out near the power station. It's for the 4 lorries an hour. The road was started years ago when they tried to build the new nuclear power station the last time, 9 years ago. Then it was stopped. So the road just stopped. Now it's fenced off. When I go past it now it seems both ominous and an apt display of idiot humans. We go scrapping up earth and laying hot black goo on the scar and then buggering off. But you never know, maybe it'll just stay that way, and the power station it arches to reach will never exist. It ain't built 'til it's built, after all.

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