Tuesday, 7 June 2011

nothing getting nowhere if there's always something

I was reading the other day how a human brain can only do one thing at a time; it's not a female/male issue, it's simply impossible for us to concentrate on more than one thing. Well no wonder I'm not paying attention to my blog when I'm paying lots of attention to too many other things. I'm feeling like I want to go and live in a field. Without a mac, without air conditioning, without invoices, without emails, without fluorescent tubes, without water coolers, without swipe cards, without short conversations with people in the corridor. As marvellous as these things are - and they are in their own way and in their own place marvellous aren't they - I'm feeling like a change of scene.

Anyway, here's some more designs for our exhibition. And here's to concentrating on one thing properly. Or maybe no more than three, maybe that would work...

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