Sunday, 20 March 2011


Ah, just realised it's the perfect time for this posting.. as, from today on, there will be more light than dark as the season's press onwards. The Spring Equinox can be a nice marker as the day I really got going with my 'slide obsessions'. So here's a beautiful Magic Lantern slide I bought recently, again from an(other) ace little store in Totnes.

Like the poster below, they are, of course, almost perfect just as they are. But they also act to remind me about my Let There Be Light / Keep It Lit idea and the fact I've got a swanky new slide scanner and will be transferring all my old 35 mm transparencies to digital as soon as I've time. I think the next post better explain what the former is and how the latter can play a big part in making it all manifest.. well, you know, in theory.

And it can also mark a hopeful shift in some of my own personal adventures and relationships. It's been a dark couple of seasons what with one thing and another, so a bit of Spring, a bit of warmth, a bit of lightness would not go amiss. In fact, it'd be damn right welcome. I'm feeling pretty grateful and impressed by those who are keeping it light at the moment. And anyway, at this time of war and destruction in the wider world, I suppose we should try and keep our own little worlds as fun, mellow and positive as possible!

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