Wednesday, 26 January 2011

And Then We Remember Words And Numbers Were Invented By Men

"The problem, the contradiction the scientists are stuck with, is that of mind. Mind has no matter or energy but they can not escape its predominance over everything we do. Logic only exists in the mind. Numbers only exist in the mind. I don't get upset when scientists say that ghosts exist only in the mind. It's the only that gets me. Science is only in your mind too, its just that that doesn't make it bad either.

Laws of nature are inventions, like ghosts. Laws of logic, of mathematics are also human inventions, like ghosts. The whole blessed thing is a human invention, including the idea that it isn't a human invention. The world has no existence whatsoever outside the human imagination. It's all a ghost, the whole blessed world we live in. It's run by ghosts.

We see what we see because these ghosts show it to us, ghosts of Moses and Christ and the Buddha, and Plato, and Descartes, and Rousseau and Jefferson and Lincoln, on and on and on. Your common sense is nothing more than the voices of thousands and thousands of these ghosts from the past. Ghosts and more ghosts. Ghosts trying to find their place among the living.

words from Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig.

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