Thursday, 30 December 2010

Remind me again?

"Under pressure from the CBI, and under the confused assumption that we can carry on consuming power as we do now into the future, and too afraid to think out of their own isolated political fuzzy cloud, the British government is committing to build a new round of nuclear power stations for which we don't have the money. Great. Just perfect. Well done fellas. You've really thought about this haven't you?"Thom Yorke

Was looking for an image of the classic Nuclear power? No thanks! badge, and I come across a link to a note by the Radiohead singer on his blog. Was happy with that. A little more trawling discovered some fine material to inspire and inform the Imaginary Energy Tour for next year. (Imaginary considering the awful family situation that's going on but I think I'll crack on with planning it 'cause it makes me happy. And if I look for things it reminds me why I'm looking).

A letter on energy policy published only last week here, and a fine back story for the aforementioned design here. There's also a review of green technologies here and a concise and informative rundown of the years environmental issues by John Vidal on The Guardian's environment blog.

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