Monday, 21 September 2009

Slow Slow Quick Quick Now


  1. Anonymous21.9.09

    I missed these

  2. Anonymous21.9.09

    Some nice eye contact going on with mystery bunny.


    May have included a clue in your post...

    Welcome indeed

  3. Filthy Wilfy and the strange rabbit.
    You wearing MY hat.
    One of the most amazing flying dogs around.
    Lizzie the bag lady.

    What a lovely collection of photos after a bit of a drought on the old blog front, but then who am I to talk. Lacking inspiration on what to talk about perhaps!

  4. And I just spotted Lizzie stealing raspberries from the allotment, I got in so much trouble for that!

  5. Thanks I. and what was I thinking not putting up the one of you wearing YOUR hat! consider it amended.. best we keep each other going on the blog front - you get into a habit and then it's easier and useful. Well, it can be. Rock on sister.