Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Some kind of Home

So, last night I stayed at my lovely friend Mel's place, this is no ordinary place, she lives on a boat on Brighton Marina and it is her home. It opens to her little cosy bedroom, through to a galley kitchen with table, then to the lounge at the back and deck at the front of the boat over looking the ocean. She lived on the Norfolk broads in a narrow boat for about 4 years and has been in this boat for 5. We had a lovely evening which involved eating and wine, particularly of the mulled variety heated and placed in a teapot with an amazing sheepskin tea-cosy...

We awoke this morning to the sight and sounds of the gentle sea in the Marina and had coffee etc etc. While we were sat there she said that it is the view that lets her know she's home. The same view from her boat, the same walk home, the familiarity and routine and when she first moved here that took a while to sink in but it is that she realised makes somewhere home for her.

So, for lovely Mel our lovely art and photography teacher but mainly friend, her view lets her know she is home.


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  1. Anonymous4.9.09

    Sheepskin tea-cosy
    Low to the ground,
    Settled, encouraging a huddle.
    Spiced wine and conversation fills the space: the air as close and sweet as matted stories of mud, rain and crushed plants.
    Wide spaces outside;
    Another evening, sheltered and shared.