Monday, 7 March 2011

Michelle Kanderson

Sometimes there's too much work on to remember to pay attention to everything else.. and then I guess paying attention to everything else is the work that you've got on.. but there-in, if you're lucky, lies the work? Maybe. The work of who? - the photographer? - artst? - writer? - geographer? Certainly not in the work of the day stone-waller, or the lawyer, or the dentist. Who knows.

I do know I've got a growing list of people doing lovely things, collecting things, beautiful things, important things, seemingly useful things.. perhaps if they're lovely and important they're useful? If they're useful and important are they lovely? No. Oh well, let's try and catch up with ourselves anyway, and with this list, and with the feeling that we're doing what we want to be doing.

Some fine images to be found with the Portland based photographer Michelle Kanderson.. Interesting that when I go to her website, it's not longer up.. been too long with her name on a list. Then I find her with her flickr page where it says about her site expiring (see bottom image).. all somehow seems fitting. We're always flitting - well, some of us - and yet we want to stay in loops and for loops to stay within us and around us. I'm part of the flitting crowd. But in a way I guess, these binary stands that bind us, which don't really bind us of course that they don't really exist do they. Still, what is all this website blog business all about if not for sharing and being shared with? That's all it's about really, isn't it.

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