Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Warm lines

We've made a blog for a precious friend of mine Heather, who isn't very well at the moment. Called Things for Aitch, people are invited to send me things that are going to be funny, entertaining, interesting, inspiring etc. It's not much in the circumstances but it's something I guess. Well Jestanbury has pulled a beauty out of the hat for her blog. I'd never heard of Stan Rogers but after one song I am in love. So not only am I now just enjoying listening to his music and watching the documentary about him, One Warm Line, but he is inspiring in me a longing for the sea; or more precisely perhaps, things associated with the sea - music in particular. I have often talked with the very talented illustrator Richard Dinnis about doing some work with the singers and sailors of Cornwall. This reinvigorates me to do just that.

This particular song shown above, The Lock Keeper, has the marvelous theme of wondering whether a rat should become ocean bound, or whether it should stay at home within the inland waterways. Any mention of home right now gets my attention, and the notion of home / the lure of the road is always something that I suspect is going to be part of my life. Lately though, this notion is almost becoming foolish (cause for now I'm in no position to go anywhere) and perhaps even a little boring for those around me dare I say. Increasingly I'm becoming to understand that to dream large is sometimes to live small, as the Welsh poet R.S.Thomas might put it. Maybe there is sometimes a need to stop concentrating so much on the horizon and start concentrating on the ground on which you're stood, and the things that you're lucky enough to be around.

Anyway, yadda yadda. Enjoy Stan.


  1. Anonymous17.8.09

    There's a quote 14 min into the full length documentary from a fisherman who approaches Sam Rogers at a gig and tells him 'You say things in your music that I can hardly dare to think'.

    If there is something in common between the wonderful people you have introduced me to, that is it. They are thinkers, they belive in thinking and when things are hard they dare to think when it might be less painful to block things out.

    That ability to face feelings, question things, work thorugh them, share and talk means that though it hurts and however long it takes - there is always a way out. Feels like Things for Aitch also proves the corollary, that it leads to better music, better appreciation of music, better life, better appreciation of life, better friends and loves and better apreciation of both and I bet it leads to great dancing too.

    As a natural clam it's an ongoing lesson for me. I have a theory that that strength of heart is equal to almost anything and from what I have heard Heather, you have an extraordinary heart.

    If I ever get out of falmouth or you head to the southwest I really look forward to meeting you someday

  2. Anonymous11.9.09

    Am caked in salt after walking back from a wonderful swim and that might be affecting me... but this, as well as having a wonderful ninoskika feel, captures power of sea and landscape so well: http://www.last.fm/music/Edwyn+Collins/_/Leviathan