Thursday, 9 July 2009

zero emissions II_The Way Forward

Firstly, it couldn't be called Zero emissions II, 'cause it sounds like it has to star Tom Cruise and have shoot outs... but The Way Forward is nice, so lets play with that for now. Okay, welcome to the new Ridiculous Ideas Forum. This idea here refers to me thinking I may cycle from here in the UK to Copenhagen in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference: or COP15 as it's snappily called.

What do you think? I once cycled from the UK to Ukraine in an odd attempt to highlight a few issues and called this crudely planned adventure Zero Emissions (see more on my websites CV section, it's down at the bottom somewhere). I always wondered if I'd follow it up with another better planned, more productive ride. In fact at the time in a newspaper interview I said how 'there was another trip planned in the future to Scandinavia'. I was talking completely out of my hat at the time, but maybe it's actually coming round to pass? We'll see.

One good thing about a blog: you put it out there and you've started something. Still, good thing about having a section called 'ideas' - they can't all happen! That's what they're about isn't it? They're about seeing what does or does not work, or exist. Or maybe they're about finding out what wants to work, or exist, about what wants or needs to be made real. Sometimes maybe it's good to just discuss these things and feel excited for a few days then go back to the real world. It may just have legs though; more info from my excited mind soon. And anyone who fancies the sound of joining me for a leg or two - or all of it - let's hear from you...


  1. Anonymous10.7.09

    I think I know a man who would not only join you for a leg or two but would positivley encourage you to go further than you actually wanted to :o) Iris.

  2. Hey I! Good to hear form you in the midst of P.A. So you think he'll have some of that action? Sounds like a pretty good plan doesn't it. going to take a fair bit of planning though and a whole heap of time, not to mention money...