Friday, 3 July 2009

We Love You So

Great tip from JES. There is a film coming out soon called Where The Wild Things Are and it's going to be everywhere I'd say. Dave Eggers and Spike Jones being two main players. This blog, called We Love You So, has been created to shed light on what has influenced them and you can imagine there's got to be some good stuff on it. This shot is from a photographer called Lauren Dukoff. It shows Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Bat for Lashes, Vetiver, Vashti Bunyan at the Big Sur in California.

Somewhere out there is Dave and Spike and Lauren, Joanna, Miranda and they are all just hanging out, working hard, eating muffins, laughing, sneezing, itching, shouting, yawning; you know, like us only with a few million pounds to spend on making some wonderful art. I'd quite like to be sitting around that table, eating muffins, talking shop. Long may they muck about together.

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