Monday, 13 July 2009

Tamany Baker_Living with Wolfie

Isn't it great when you see something that makes you think there is always something new to do, some way of seeing the world that is arresting and worthwhile and beautiful. And odd. Always good if it's a bit odd isn't it. Seems even more exciting when it comes from the same place as you live.

So here we have Tamany Baker, Bristol photographer who has just won first prize in the Conceptual and Constructed (Fine Art section) of the Sony World Photography Awards for her series, Living with Wolfie. Also good that it isn't about going somewhere amazing or having amazing equipment but using and paying attention to literally what's on your own doorstep.

Just been reading on her blog that the series seems to have been done when she was a MA student at Newport; good to hear. If there was a POST 5, she'd be a perfect interview wouldn't she ...


  1. Anonymous15.7.09

    Steve!! A Robin!! Do you remember the robin connection? I'm sure you will now. How fantastic. I'm very happy I just checked my old email and found yours guiding me here. Leila xxx

  2. Anonymous17.7.09

    I thought this was entitled 'Living with Wilfie' and thought it was very appropriate considering the kittens exploits the other day. Just to let you know, I think they need a few more visits from you as they are becoming a little wild and attention-seeking, they need the influence of your air of calm, I think. This photo is a bit too real for me, with the tightly closed yellow eye and legs all rigid. Iris xx PS I have even created my own blog so I can leave messages for you.....but sadly still cannot get it to work :o(