Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Stephen Shore

To my utter pleasure, fellow photographer Olly Udy mentioned how looking at one of my photos reminded him of the great Stephen Shore, who had a really nice feel. And I'm not as a rule into 'books about photography' but I'd say I'm now drawn to reading his book The Nature of Photography cover to cover.

'For some pictures the frame acts passively. It is where the picture ends. The structure of the picture begins within the image and works its way out to the frame. For some pictures the frame is active. The structure of the picture begins with the frame and works inward.' Stephen Shore

Check out the seminal book that this quote comes from here at The Saatchi Gallery website. Not least so you can see how bloody ugly the website is. And no, Charles, I can't really see how it 'works' in an ironic way either!

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