Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ryan Mcginley

And so to Ryan Mcginley. I've been loving his work for a few years but now he's playing with the big boys and girls he doesn't seemed to have sold out. Not quite sure what constitutes selling out, but I don't think he's done it yet. This image above is from a beautiful shoot he did with Kate Moss. (I've gone off her lately, much to my surprise and, yes, with a touch of sadness. We were much in love. But is she just a bit rough these days and not in a good way? Maybe that's too harsh. It's nothing to do with her getting older. Just seems to me that she has lost some of her elegance, her lightness. Maybe it's just all those fags.)

Anyway, I don't want to speak ill of The Kate. She is, and always will be, a bit special as far as I'm concerned. And if I was Ryan I certainly would have jumped at the chance of working with her. I mean, those road trip he does, and the girls they pick, and the things they do - it really is just recreating Kate-doing-her-thing isn't it. And in particular that famous FACE magazine shoot she did with Corianne Day, uber-cool photographer of her day. Best I do a posting on that seminal shoot soon. Be good to see it again.

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