Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Joan As Police Woman

Heard her do an acoustic version of this and it was pretty bloody spell-binding. Turns out the video is a bit too much like Sinead O'Connor's seminal Nothing Compares to You for me to enjoy it completely but still a beautiful song. Dirge,* i'll agree, but there's something about this type of dirge that is great. Something about her voice, no? Be good to hear that voice in person.

Note: Checked the origin of 'dirge'. Classic that a) it has an exclamation mark after it, and b) does that really say The Latin Office for the Dead!?

* ORIGIN Middle English (denoting the Office for the Dead): from Latin dirige! (imperative) ‘direct!,’ the first word of an antiphon (Ps. 5:8) used in the Latin Office for the Dead.

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