Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Big chill

Fridge magnet style poetry on a grand scale. This marvelous response to my HOME post is from new P.A. reader Igotobedearly. Seems this huge colourful piece is from an artist called espo (which rings a bell, maybe from a Jones tip? espo aka Steve Powers - possible this is him here).

(as I'm going to snappily call you, if that's okay) also thought Camille covering Nick Cave was a risky business. Thanks for your thoughts Early. Keep them coming. (For some reason I suddenly sound like a DJ. How odd. Nice though. Always fancied being a DJ. Farion should do a show with Early - a breakfast show obviously. Or actually no, maybe just after midnight? Still, then again, that's not going to work for someone calling themselves I go to bed Early is it now Bondy...


  1. I like the breakfast show idea, let's talk opening tracks, perhaps Eels with 'I like birds', or better still Scott Walker's 'The girls and the dogs' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekeKFtKWLpk) although don't tell Camille O'Sullivan she'll only do a feckin (see what I did there) cover version...

  2. more here now: