Wednesday, 3 June 2009

You Never Regret a Sea Swim

Just made the annual deceleration that I will swim in the sea whenever I wake up near to it.( Near to it as in I can cycle there without knackering myself out on the way back.) So far, I've made 3 days in a row.. ummm, some work to do, I agree.

Our friend Jestonbury has been truly dedicated to sea swmming though- he's just swam from Pendennis castle to the beautiful village of St Mawes, raising money for the RNLI. Fair play Jon! Though he did get the pleasure of hanging out with that bloke off of Eastenders who lives in Falmouth, and does a very effecient thumbs up. You can see Jes immediately behind him on the left, looking away, chuckling through his fine beard.

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  1. steve3.7.09

    Jon's swam with dolphins don't you know ...