Thursday, 4 June 2009

Yes we can > Yes we have?


So if Aljazeera say this, we've got to be getting somewhere. Probably should be paying more attention to Aljazeera generally, don't know much about it yet. But fair play to Barack eh? Already three major initiatives in climate change policy with his admin barley four months old (more on them later). And then still trying to close Gitmo, and now this speech. Imagine the last chimp doing that, or even a portion of that?

So what is it with people saying that it won't last, that they will find some dirt on him, that it's all just rhetoric? Please. This is something to celebrate at last! These things mean something, don't they? They're not like me saying 'today, I'm going to change the world.' No, not really Bondy, you're not. But these words are backed up with action and the ramifications are enormous for millions of people. This is not my overly romantic view of this situation - surely this is a fact. Things have been put in motion. There are changes taking place. There are changes that have happened.

He's really ruffled right wing feathers with this speech it seems, so the backlash could be coming and it'll be furious no doubt. But that's good isn't it, that means he really must be doing some majorly progressive things. Still, not to get carried away. But as this AlJ commentator says, 'it's a good start'...


Note: We are aware that we need to not get all starry eyed with Mr O. I did just did hear Jeremy Hardy call him President Obi-wan Kenobe, so that's something like taking the piss out of him. You know, gently on the side of praising him. I mean, I've got a feeling that he's a bit up himself for a start. But then if you want to be President of the United States I guess that's probably going to be part of your make-up, eh?

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