Thursday, 18 June 2009

Two Wheels and One Man Good

This here is Mr Peter Lipman, Policy Director for Sustrans, the charity that supports and encourages sustainable travel. We went to a talk at Bristol's Festival of Nature and he was on the panel talking a great deal of sense. This here is an article of him talking about the Government's new cash incentive scheme for scrapping old cars. A sample:

Incentivising people to scrap their old cars and buy new ones is a disastrous knee-jerk reaction to the recession, which ignores congestion and climate change. Government must invest in improving public transport and increasing opportunities for walking and cycling so that people have real travel choices.'

Good to know he is out there at the top of the organisation, inspiring the likes of us to think clearly and slightly tangently about these issues. Breath of fresh air he was. Would be great to do an article on him - perhaps a new section in a local magazine: Inspiring characters that are shaping Bristol's future. Shape makers. Making shapes. City Shapers. Something like that. Remind to get on with that, it's a good idea.

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