Tuesday, 9 June 2009


There will be a few themes running through this blog, similar to the last blog. Though this time we've realised we need to hone it down a bit, concentrate properly on a few things. There's no use paying attention to everything in a very small, fleeting way (Well, that's how we feel today. But typing it felt a little uneasy for the record). No. Surely better to pay attention properly to a few things. Well, many things. But a few things properly, that's the aim.

Well one of those thing will be torso's. As in people's torso's. Don't ask us why, we're not sure yet. But nonetheless we love the look of the torso and we seemingly keep making photos of peoples torso's. Here's a new one. An important day and an important torsos. This is Kate, as she was getting married. Perhaps it's a little close up somehow but still a very nice image.

Torso's is one of my on-going collections that I have put up on the main Farion site. To check out some more of them, go here.


  1. Anonymous3.7.09

    Steve - I cannot access the 'Torso's' collection to see more of them on the June 9th blog...please help!


  2. Anonymous10.7.09

    The plural of torso is torsos - the use of an apostrophe (as in torso's) is grammatically incorrect. Lovely pictures, mind.

  3. Why thank you anonymous, i shall amend it. i believe it was LR who had me put the apostrophe in! is this you Iris? Can you work out how to get your name on this, get an account with google or something? im trying to work it out myself..