Monday, 1 June 2009


Many years ago on this very day I lost something precious. At exactly the same time I gained things more exciting and powerful than at the time I thought possible. So a nice day to re-introduce a FARION blog to the world.

After a year of fairly exstensive postings, the old blog has been cast into the cyber bin - not somewhere blogs normally go is it. Or in fact anything that goes up into this huge etherscape. Not comfortable with the fact that it all just stays up here forever, piling up and up and no-one ever taking anything away, no-one starting again, no-one brushing through the house, changing the carpets, opening the windows.

Of course it sort of spoils the point that there is a back catalog of work or comment that you can sift through but let's concentrate on that another time! For now, it's about (another) new beginning. Though funnily enough, this year is all going to be about consolidation, about building, about collecting and creating - with existing things as well as things that will be new. Realising the potential with what you actually have rather than constantly chasing that which you may have. Who knows, it's a new approach and it might pay off. So here's to more of the same only different. But not that different.

farionpayingattention is dead; long live farion-payingattention!

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