Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Apart from having one of the finest names, this fella (guessing?) can make a nice photo eh? Go and see his collection of beautiful images here. And it's funny how this is all about the film he's using - and just the fact that's its film, not digital. I've come back from Glastonbury Festival and am strangely inspired to shoot film for the first time in years. I happened to meet a girl called Veronica Torres who is the assistant of the great New York based photographer Ryan Mcginley. She was sent by him to work at Glastonbury for him on a project they're doing together on music fans. She ONLY had film. How good is that? More on Veronica Torre's work later.

This post is from the same source as the last post by the way - namely, Seattle based artist Jenny Vorwaller. (Check out her beautiful tumblr. She is quite a busy lass, that's for sure. Lovely few websites from her out there and inspiring work with a range of old school cameras. keeping it real indeed.

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